Using FruitfulTalks

FruitfulTalks is a communication platform allowing many simultaneous conversations.

When you first login, you access a first room that plays the role of a switchboard: someone tells you what is happening and where to go.

You select a room on the left of the screen corresponding to your subject of interest. There you can listen, type questions, or ask the presenter to share the screen to dialog directly with him/her.

It uses a technology named WebRTC which allows the instantaneous creation of new conversations as well as the abiity to move from a conversation to another one without delay.

WebRTC requires that browsers do more in terms of communication.

So if you access from:

   - a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, please use Safari and IOS11.

   - Android or a PC: use Chrome or Firefox.

It works!

In case of problem, please send a message


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