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Are you looking for a roommate or are you a potential roommate?

Schmooze first and check your compatibility live with FruitfulTalks.com

FruitfulTalks reverse the order of the roommate finding process.

First, both sides have the opportunity to get acquainted using their webcam between 9PM and 10PM every day. Potential roommates can see the place and discuss with the present roommates. Expectations on both sides can be presented. Several potential roommates can be present at the same time which makes the event more productive and generate less anxiety.

Go to FruitfulTalks.com between 9PM and 10PM. Crete your own room, or join an existing room. 

It is free and there is not need to register if you arrive when the session already started.

 Info (at) FruitfulTalks.com

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